Why our educational system is stamping out “children as widgets” – a great video with Sir Ken Robinson

Working with the world’s top scientists and entrepreneurs, I’ve seen a few things. The biggest of those things is the thing of creativity being repressed and even outright absent. This stunts career growth and all sorts of other badness. So, check out the video to learn where it came from and what we need to do about it.

And if it makes you really angry like it does me – or even if you just find yourself stifled because you feel “widgetized” and unable to make creative leaps and bounds in your life, then take it a step further.

Learn how to kill the creativity killer. (I know, that’s a double negative. Hey, I’ve got creative license!)

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* Occasionally I get some commenter freaking out about the “dramatic” titles I sometimes use. Well, if you don’t like the title, go read another blog – or better yet, create your own (um, yeah, that requires creativity, hah!). Seriously – with billions of pages on the web to get bored with, why do boring stuff? I mean, really! Don’t do boring stuff. Instead, join us in the class!

** Yeah, I know, maybe you’re a bit late hitting this page, and for that, I’m sorry – but you can get on the waiting list if that’s so!