How to Hack Your Creative Workspace

This is a guest post by Allie Smith-Hobbs.  It’s the middle of summer. How’s your productivity?  There are nights where I’ve been up in the wee hours ruminating about projects. And […]

Is your life ruled by "Lizard Brain?"

Chances are, it is. If you have difficulty making tough decisions… If you have far too much on your plate and not enough time for it all… If you suffer […]


It’s time I come clean, put my BS aside and take responsibility for my truest, most raw BEING. Why? To serve & honour myself…YES! And just as important, to lead […]

Want Happiness and Productivity? Get to that Core! (video)

  Isn’t it funny how the more we try to have control — swatting at negative emotions and demands like buzzing flies — the more frustrated we get and the […]

The Clock of Life

Being on time – is this how to lead?

Does being on time, every time, assure success? According to a recent post by my friend Chuck Rylant, it does: When considering hiring someone for example, if they say they […]

Creativity-sucking education stamping widgets of children* (video)

Why our educational system is stamping out “children as widgets” – a great video with Sir Ken Robinson Working with the world’s top scientists and entrepreneurs, I’ve seen a few […]

Working hard does NOT equal success

Yesterday I was on Facebook, and a very successful fellow entrepreneur posted something that shocked me. It was on a discussion of feelings of entitlement in society, and how many […]

The BIG Lie!

You’ve been fed a big lie. The lie goes thusly. You must study hard in school (creativity killer #1).  You must get good grades (creativity killer #2). You must listen […]

Productivity is NOT about getting more done!

Does anyone remember record players? I suppose that statement dates me.  But the one big flaw of record players is that when a scratch was present, they could get caught […]