The amazing universe we live in, how did it come into being? Blame it on randomness.

Music and art? How did humans develop those capacities? Blame it on randomness…

The laws of physics as we know them? How did they arise from the primordial soup of the Big Bang? Blame it on randomness…

Eyeballs, ears, and these amazing brains we have? How did they evolve from pond slime? Blame it on …. you guessed it! … randomness.

Yes, that’s what adherents of the materialist paradigm are saying. At the bottom of it, it’s all random. Really, it is, we promise!

Of course, when you quiz such a person about what exactly is it in randomness that can create galaxies, stars, and brains, you’ll hear a bunch of gobbledygook and hand-waving about deterministic processes and initial conditions.

“But wait!” the astute listener to the hand-waving exclaims – “you’re saying that there were some random initial conditions of the universe that somehow then led to all of this?”

The answer provided is simply: “yes, isn’t it obvious?”

Um, about as obvious as rabbits with wings flying. For some odd reason, the random odds weren’t stacked in favor of rabbits with wings. Go figure!

And the even more astute listener might ask: well, okay, how did those “random initial conditions of the universe come about, i.e. in what context exists such possibility, and what are the odds of that occurring?” Unfortunately, such questions will be met with a stone-wall: that’s philosophy, not science!

“Okay, so you’re saying it’s ‘philosophy’ to ask what led to the so-called random starting conditions of the universe, but it’s not also ‘philosophy’ to assume that it’s all random at its core, as you do dear skeptic?”

If you were ever to ask such a question of such a person, this is the point at which they will probably be turning red, fuming a bit, and attempting to disengage from the conversation.

Maybe this whole “it’s random” crutch that the skeptical/materialist/atheist industrial complex rely on so much needs some deeper examination? *

Just sayin’…

(BTW – just because I personally don’t buy the “blame it on the randomness” approach that so many of the hardcore materialists assume to be true, doesn’t mean that I automatically go in the other direction and believe in a white-dude-in-the-sky who has created a quite judgmental universe separated into sinners and saints… bottom line is I examine all premises and reject any that are silly and not supported by facts… that includes both the basis of much of what the materialists claim, along with what religions claim).

* They won’t be the ones to do it however – they are blind to their own assumptions, just like nearly every person on the planet is, no matter

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