Life As a Mirror

Do you feel like your experiences keep repeating themselves? The same problems … over and over … cycling back around to the same stuff?! A tourist attraction shows us how […]

Embracing the “Inner Asshole”

Administrative roadblocks, aggressive colleagues, and depressing news: things like these are rampant. The question is, how should we deal with them? Many of us often choose to take the “safe” […]

How to Hack Your Creative Workspace

This is a guest post by Allie Smith-Hobbs.  It’s the middle of summer. How’s your productivity?  There are nights where I’ve been up in the wee hours ruminating about projects. And […]

How to Have the best Holidays ever…

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of giving thanks and enjoying family – but for many of us they turn into a nightmare. In this article, I discuss […]

My other favorite F-word

This is a guest post by Allie Smith-Hobbs. Fun is a four letter word around the American workplace. When I worked in Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom of endless […]

Fun Killers are Productivity Killers, Part I

Why do you want to be more “productive?” Why are there so many productivity books, products, courses, and gurus? If you examine this question, productivity isn’t quite what it seems. […]

Your Problem Is Not What You Think It Is

Let’s say that by some weird coincidence in life, you have a problem that you have to actually deal with and can’t just sweep under the rug. (Hey, most of us […]

1.2 Million Women-owned Businesses Likely To Fail This Year From Guilt and Overwhelm

Facebook Chief Operations Officer Sheryl Sandberg Says: 100% Of Women Caught in Guilt Chasm Between Business and Family. Women make up 60% of college graduates, but only 41% of the […]

Drowning in Overwhelm

Eliminating Overwhelm From Your Life

This isn’t going to be another one of those “six steps and you’re cured” kind of posts about the problem of overwhelm. That’s because if you don’t solve the fundamental mindset […]

The "I hate money… (give me more of it)" syndrome

One of the chronic, often devastating conditions I run into nearly everyday is this: “There’s not enough money out there, it is scarce and hard to come by, and it […]