About Me

Who Am I?

I am a scientist, entrepreneur, creator, and explorer. For years I worked at the nexus of Computer Science and the Human Genome Project. While writing grant proposals with big successes for my own projects at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Boise State University,I began helping colleagues in their quest for funding. Seeking greater adventure and creative freedom, I left the university position to focus full-time on my work with clients around the world, including those at top universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, and UCSD. In 2012, my book Four Steps to Funding topped the bestseller list in its category.

For fun, I explores whitewater rivers in her kayak, skis the back chutes at the local ski resort, and spends time with my family in the great outdoors. I am also an avid reader of self-development books, always seeking to find that extra edge to help myself and my clients.

Helpful Writing

Beauty and the Beach

Why scientific objectivity might be making you miserable…

For those of us trained in the technical/scientific fields, it’s been pounded into us to be “objective” all the time… and that our own subjective experience doesn’t really matter all […]

Life As a Mirror

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Blame it on …. the randomness!

The laws of physics as we know them? How did they arise from the primordial soup of the Big Bang? Blame it on randomness…

Barenaked Ladies: An exercise in understanding why we are all subjective

To some, spending this much money and time may seem irrational. If you’re not a fan of this particular band – or of going to concerts in general – your first thought may have been “Morgan is crazy, I would never do that!” Let’s discuss why reason fails you…

Embracing the “Inner Asshole”

Administrative roadblocks, aggressive colleagues, and depressing news: things like these are rampant. The question is, how should we deal with them? Many of us often choose to take the “safe” […]

Fact Blindness Syndrome: Why skeptics suffer just as much as the hard-core religious from it

Skeptics, you can go rot rot away in your own personal hell of self-created delusion thinking you have it all figured out when you’re no different than a religious fanatic […]

Top-10 Beliefs That Are Ruining Your Life

Wait a sec. How can a belief ruin your life? It’s just a measly little set of biochemical connections in your mind, no way can it have that kind of […]