For those of us trained in the technical/scientific fields, it’s been pounded into us to be “objective” all the time… and that our own subjective experience doesn’t really matter all that much. However, for many of us, this creates misery and problems. In this video, I explore why it is vital to re-engage our own subjective experience, especially if we want to excel at objective areas like research. It’s a bit ironic, but as you’ll see, important, that we drop the purely objective approach to life.

Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have questions or comments!

    2 replies to "Why scientific objectivity might be making you miserable…"

    • LJ

      I love the idea of reconnecting with your subjectivity in your video – it’s a great reminder and message! I have been out of the academic world for a decade, and I’m back pursuing a PhD, and I am often struck with the focus on objectivity and dismissal of our own experiences & feelings in this arena. This is so important for our own learning and development, but also to keep in mind to better understand and connect with our students! Thank you for the excellent video, I’m grateful someone is having this conversation!

    • Sujata

      Oh Morgan what a beautiful video. I loved the content and loved even more the ocean view! Hope you are doing well.

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