Top-10 Beliefs That Are Ruining Your Life

Wait a sec. How can a belief ruin your life? It’s just a measly little set of biochemical connections in your mind, no way can it have that kind of […]

Balanced rock

Freaking out, coming out: being authentic is hard

I stand for alignment. My goal for all my friends and clients is to get them aligned with who they are at the core so that they can live life […]

Lighten up, Life is an experiment

This is a first. I’ve not been very open in the past about my own spiritual path over the past few years – one that has led me from a […]

Morgan's über-fantasy world (how about rewriting YOUR story?)

This is a blog post about my fantasy world.  Before you click away into the nether lands of cyberspace, let me tell you why this might be important to you. […]

Somewhere Near Lake Tahoe

Fear in the Gym, Fear in Life

Today in Lake Tahoe, I felt like a lazy ass because my relatives were up at 5:30 am, clanking around in their bike shoes in the early morning, getting ready […]

Got something to create? Watch out for toxic green slime.

This post isn’t for everyone. It’s not for people who want to live a life of consumption or complacency and be content with that. No, it’s not for those. If […]

The feedback on Create or Die is in, and it's badass

I sent out preliminary copies of the book Create or Die to some people, and the feedback I’ve had has been badass. Here’s some of it: “Morgan! That was soooo […]

The Real Problem With The Economy

Over on Fearless Creators, there’s a new blog post: the Real Problem With The Economy. Here’s the link:

The Mint-Bacon Cake

This is an excerpt from my upcoming, nearly completed book Creating or Dying. You may wonder, “Am I really in charge of my beliefs?” Most people never even ask that question. […]