This is part of a message from me to myself after I judged something I was doing as a “failure.” Maybe you will find it useful.

You never know the impact that your actions will have. You can sit here from your limited point of view and judge that something has “failed” – and yet what if that step was the necessary one to take before the next step of “success” could be had? What if there is vital learning in that “failure” that is the quickest path to meeting your goals?

You cannot know that, but it is certain that the universe is on your side, not against it. However, it is easy to get scared and worried that things are not, because you have such a long-held habit of not believing anyone or anything was truly on your side. You push away help and assume the worst, rather than assuming that what happens is part of a perfect unfolding designed just for you.

If that perfect unfolding was just “win” after “win” after “win” it would get boring to you very quickly. There would be no learning for you in that, no challenge. You are not one who can stay focused with no challenge. 

You are beating yourself up about something that you judge as “failed” and you transfer that judgement of failure to yourself. “I have failed” you say to yourself, using that as a sort of self-assessment of how it confirms what you think you knew all along. That there’s something wrong with you. “Look, confirmation, see, I told you!”

Your self worth should have nothing to do with whether you judge something you’ve created as a “success” or a “failure.” It has nothing to do with who you are as a person, nor your worth as a soul.

You are worthy no matter what. So, stop judging the results, and enjoy the process! 


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