Why scientific objectivity might be making you miserable…

For those of us trained in the technical/scientific fields, it’s been pounded into us to be “objective” all the time… and that our own subjective experience doesn’t really matter all […]

Blame it on …. the randomness!

The laws of physics as we know them? How did they arise from the primordial soup of the Big Bang? Blame it on randomness…

Barenaked Ladies: An exercise in understanding why we are all subjective

To some, spending this much money and time may seem irrational. If you’re not a fan of this particular band – or of going to concerts in general – your first thought may have been “Morgan is crazy, I would never do that!” Let’s discuss why reason fails you…

The "I hate money… (give me more of it)" syndrome

One of the chronic, often devastating conditions I run into nearly everyday is this: “There’s not enough money out there, it is scarce and hard to come by, and it […]

Crazy Kayaker In Marley Outfit

Gag Me With a Bucketload of Stupidity

Once, a long time ago in a place not so far away, universities and research institutions were the shining beacon of hope for our society. They were going to cure […]

cynicism and astronauts: death and rebirth of the dreamers

My friend Rob recently wrote on Facebook: I was seven when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. We were camping with family friends on a plot of land on the […]

Why I hate writing grants

No, it’s not the writing part that bugs me.  I actually like that part.  Being able to put together well-constructed plans and rationales is fun.  Describing a project-to-be is fun. […]