Do you feel like your experiences keep repeating themselves? The same problems … over and over … cycling back around to the same stuff?!

A tourist attraction shows us how life can sometimes be like a frustrating hall of mirrors… but it doesn’t have to be.

    2 replies to "Life As a Mirror"

    • Su’dom

      I ran across your page and I’m resonating with so many posts! I love the freaking out one dealing with authenticity and the higher self. Do you send out emails about new posts on your blogs? I didn’t see where to subscribe. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and sharing how security is not enough but how rewarding freedom in being your true self is!

      • Morgan Giddings

        Hi Su’dom – thank you for your interest! As of right now I don’t have a mailing list specific to these topics… I’m doing it as a hobby so far. But I do plan more things on this in the future. Also, I will take your feedback to perhaps at least set up notifications for the blog, so you can know when there’s a new post.
        Thanks you!

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