Many parents freak out about taking kids for “dangerous” activities like whitewater, mountain biking, and climbing.

So instead, they keep their kids inside, safely ensconced with butt planted on chair in front of the tv or computer or books. 

Meanwhile, the kids learn to be afraid. Afraid of adventure and the outdoors. “It’s scary out there!” It might be cold, it might be wet, it might even (*gasp*) cause some scrapes and bruises.

All the while, the effects of the sedentary lifestyle accumulate, like grains of sand pouring through an hourglass. They pile up, larger and larger, until ultimately the body can’t handle it anymore and it rebels.

Diabetes, cancer, early heart disease… And more.

Those are the dangers of Not Doing.

Given that vastly far more people die from heart disease and cancer than from all outdoor activities (times ten), I’ll choose the so-called risks of the outdoors for my kids, thanks very much.

And they get to feel the gentle play of the sunshine as they float down beautiful rivers – rather than the fake world of video games that is almost like sensory deprivation in comparison.

I’m grateful to all you parents who do take your kids outside for adventures! You are doing them a huge favor.