In the past two years:

I helped one person get her email list going and get at least 20k worth of new clients, along with building massive momentum forward in her business… for FREE.

I helped another person clarify his business and immediately double his revenues… along with sorting out a lot of other issues holding him back from building a 500k/yr business… for FREE

I helped a third person work through personal issues and overcome multiple hurdles in balancing a very challenging day job with building a business… bringing in 10’s of thousands of dollars of clients…for FREE

and the list goes on (I have more examples, I just don’t want it to become a ridiculously long post)

Doing this for FREE is disrespectful of myself and my family. It is disrespectful of people who do pay for my help. It is disrespectful to the person receiving the “free” help, because it’s the equivalent of taking without giving, causing a karmic imbalance.

Each of these people I helped were PAYING other mentors at the time I helped them, and used that as a reason to justify why they wanted to continue getting FREE help and input from me.

I know that I caused this. Nobody is to blame but myself. I have held poor boundaries on the value of what I do.

So, this is a public declaration of a new boundary: if you want my help fixing your work, your business, or your life, don’t come to me looking for “FREE.” Nothing is truly “FREE” and you get what you pay for.

I do damn good work for my clients. I love them and help them deeply. From now on I’ll be focusing all my efforts on those who understand and value that.

And – if you are someone who likes to approach people and get “free” advice, think about how the world will mirror that back to you in your work or business.