Top-10 Beliefs That Are Ruining Your Life

Wait a sec. How can a belief ruin your life? It’s just a measly little set of biochemical connections in your mind, no way can it have that kind of […]

Speed Kills… And I’m not talking about the highways

I was out cross country skiing with my 8 yr old daughter the other day. It was her first time on “skate” Skiis, a form of XC skiing that requires […]

How to be a "nice girl" in 9 easy steps

We are often told that, as girls, we’ve got to be “nice” – or ELSE. (Or else what? Someone might not like us or might not approve of us! This […]

Declaration of Boundary

DECLARATION of BOUNDARY. No more “FREE” ride.In the past two years:I helped one person get her email list going and get at least 20k worth of new clients, along with […]