Why scientific objectivity might be making you miserable…

For those of us trained in the technical/scientific fields, it’s been pounded into us to be “objective” all the time… and that our own subjective experience doesn’t really matter all […]

Barenaked Ladies: An exercise in understanding why we are all subjective

To some, spending this much money and time may seem irrational. If you’re not a fan of this particular band – or of going to concerts in general – your first thought may have been “Morgan is crazy, I would never do that!” Let’s discuss why reason fails you…

Crazy Kayaker In Marley Outfit

Gag Me With a Bucketload of Stupidity

Once, a long time ago in a place not so far away, universities and research institutions were the shining beacon of hope for our society. They were going to cure […]

Why I'm disillusioned with science

Science is a method.  It is a method of discovery. Nothing more, and nothing less. Yet, if you look at how it’s practiced and worshipped, you’d think it was a […]

Why I hate writing grants

No, it’s not the writing part that bugs me.  I actually like that part.  Being able to put together well-constructed plans and rationales is fun.  Describing a project-to-be is fun. […]