Sometimes I bring guests on-board to provide trainings and other resources – and sometimes that brings up questions. In this short video, I answer a few of the common questions I had from a recent joint webinar, such as

Why are you bringing this guest on and who is he? and

How are business concepts like marketing and finances applicable to my science lab?


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    • Jeanette Wilson

      I have to say, sense I have been using these business concepts like marketing and just the basic Why questions on how to speak to clients in my cleaning business that specializes in Residential and Commercial cleaning, along with New Construction and Residential Developments. I have picked up a large client I don’t think I would have had a chance with. He is a very influential person in our community who is a Property Developer. These concepts work on any type of business.
      Thank you so very much Dr. Morgan Giddings and Robert Vitelli
      See you in Vegas.

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