BUSTED: Three Productivity Myths 

It’s creative leaps and insights that create true success, not the number of hours at your desk. In fact, carving the powder on this untracked slope is a vital part of my success secret. If you want to achieve greatness (and sure you do, right?), it’s about creating those key creative and productive breakthroughs that will carve out your success.

  1. MYTH: the more you work, the more success you’ll have. BUSTED! Quantity of work is meaningless. Creative leaps and insights create your success.
  2. MYTH: productivity and success is all about being chained to your desk and computer. BUSTED! Your desk doesn’t have a magic power – you do. And that magic comes through when you’re away from your desk (in the shower, out for a walk, on a scenic drive, or skiing on a beautiful sunny day).
  3. MYTH: productivity is all about your intelligence and your skills. BUSTED! degrees, initials after your name, your training and even your IQ don’t determine success. Success it about having those creative insights and acting on those big, bold, creative ideas. Like Star Trek, to boldly go and do your thing with creativity and passion!

So…are you ready to bust out?

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