I sent out preliminary copies of the book Create or Die to some people, and the feedback I’ve had has been badass. Here’s some of it:

“Morgan! That was soooo good! And yes I read it ALL.
I am a voracious reader. There are times I read 3 books a week.
This is one of the best books I’ve read all year.
I was inspired from the very first page of chapter 1.”

– Travis Sago, Entrepreneur

And this one:

“One of the most important and provocative books I have read in years. A guide to how to live your life without being manipulated, scared or influenced by others. A cross between Stephen Hawking, Art Bell and Napoleon Hill. Highly recommended.”

– Geoff Ronning, founder of Stealth Seminar

Oh, another:

“I absolutely loved it and your message “To be Healthy, Happy and have financial Security ” is absolutely in ‘your’ hands as long as one taps into their ‘own unique creative abilities/talents’. Your ability to drive home this message was Powerful & Clear. Your chapter on the mechanistic way of functioning in a society coming strictly from the left brain only versus the coming more from the Creative perspective which includes tapping into Love and Beauty is explained really well – I love how you explain how this shows up in peoples outwardly expression: mechanical deprives people of feeling and expressing happiness and joy. I also love how you point out : robots & computers can simply never ‘out-create humans’…… Very well explained in your book – and I know so many ‘out there’ will agree! I resonated deeply with most all of your chapters and I believe your book and all that it addresses is very timely…”

– Debra Capranos, Holistic Nutritionist

And how about:

“You have faced your internal struggles with great courage, and as a result have produced a book that sounds a clarion call to rethink our cultural values. This is a great achievement.

We both found it easy to read and stay with the text. The underlying ideas are excellent, interesting and well put with plenty of helpful metaphors and analogies.

I love the emphasis on the value of failure and a vision of where you want to go. (There was a great diagram on Facebook a few weeks ago that illustrates this — see it attached)

I love that you are writing about the fact that as humans, we can’t NOT create. It’s in our genes. We MUST create – ideas and/or things. The two are inextricable, it is how the life force is evolving through us. By creating ideas, we develop our individual reality. By creating things, we develop our collective reality and culture. And, we CAN control our creativity. These ideas are BIG.”

– Pat Watt, Retired teacher

We’re not done…

“Dr. Morgan Giddings put her own brilliant mind and shared her wisdom and expertise on creativity. As an academic scientist, creativity with integrity is the core to pursue scientific excellence. I enjoy reading this book and agree with the center message of this book: “If you’re not creating, you’re dying.”

Dr. Gladys Ko, Scientist, Texas A&M

Oh yeah, oh yeah, another one:

“This is a home run in so many ways. Most don’t understand the difference between living life asleep in your shoes and being awake creating and changing lives! You covered it so well! Hopefully more readers will wake up and find their creativity and change the world!”

– Robin Gerhart, Entrepreneur

And that’s just from a small group of preliminary readers, before any kind of public release.