Eight Years of Scorn and Mockery: Persistence and Genius

These two guys that you may have heard of suffered scorn and ridicule for over eight years. They persisted, and they changed the world!


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5 thoughts on “Eight Years of Scorn and Mockery: Persistence and Genius

  1. Thank you for the reminder! The to-do lists (without tapping into the leverage of sharing my genious) resonated with my thinking last year. I was totally fearful of the critics and the possibility of being successful in a new way—by sharing my voice globally (I am successful in other ways–locally). 2013 is a new year of thinking for me. I have to just remind myself that as long as I am helping someone with my gift, then it doesn’t matter what other’s think. It IS the right thing to do! I heard a quote similar to “Those that attend conferences and teleseminars and don’t implement are ‘Overmotivated underachievers’.” That totally described me. It was time for a wake-up call–time to implement and move forward with sharing my message through writing and video and direct connections. Nice inspirational video!

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