Success Tip #2: Don't get stuck in the gloom and doom!

Climate change. Peak Oil. Nuclear disasters. Political dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction. Murder and war… From watching the news, you would think we were all going to die by tomorrow at the […]

Want Happiness and Productivity? Get to that Core! (video)

  Isn’t it funny how the more we try to have control — swatting at negative emotions and demands like buzzing flies — the more frustrated we get and the […]

How to be a massive success, idea #1: don't get reactive

I’ve been writing this and my other blogs for a while, but that doesn’t make me immune from making stupid mistakes. In this case, my mistake got me unfriended and blocked […]

Crazy Kayaker In Marley Outfit

Gag Me With a Bucketload of Stupidity

Once, a long time ago in a place not so far away, universities and research institutions were the shining beacon of hope for our society. They were going to cure […]

The Clock of Life

Being on time – is this how to lead?

Does being on time, every time, assure success? According to a recent post by my friend Chuck Rylant, it does: When considering hiring someone for example, if they say they […]

"Living at Zero" and the Creative Pipeline

I was watching a presentation by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len on their concept of “Zero Limits” and it had me irritated. They wrote a book on the concept, titled […]

Working hard does NOT equal success

Yesterday I was on Facebook, and a very successful fellow entrepreneur posted something that shocked me. It was on a discussion of feelings of entitlement in society, and how many […]