When did the feminine become BAD and WRONG?

When did the feminine become BAD and WRONG?? Connection. Listening. Healing. Creativity. Intuition. Tuning into feelings. These are some of the strongest feminine traits – yet where are they taught […]

Parents Freak Out

Many parents freak out about taking kids for “dangerous” activities like whitewater, mountain biking, and climbing.So instead, they keep their kids inside, safely ensconced with butt planted on chair in […]

Which one are you voting for?

Which one are you voting for this electoral season? If you listen to the ads and the speeches, one guy is going to ruin us all by taking away our […]

Super-sizing your work is screwed up

Perhaps the most stark contrast between Europe and the US is the issue of quality vs quantity. I recently returned from a 2 week sojurn in Europe, and was shocked […]

The Chevy Volt goes skiing

Well, okay, you caught me taking license with my blog title … the Volt didn’t itself go skiing, but this brand new iPhone-crossed-with-an-electric-car-hybrid took us skiing at Bogus Basin. I’m […]