Who is that mysterious author?

In my previous piece, I wrote about the nature of our identity… Included in that post were some deep quotes, but I didn’t name the author. I held that back […]

Who are you? Just beans and franks? (and how to avoid writer's block!)

One of man’s biggest quests throughout the ages has been to answer the seemingly simple question: “who am I?” The answer is not so simple. Or is it? We have […]

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

Zombies, zombies, everywhere. If you look to Hollywood, the world is but about to become a big zombie-fest. Life imitates art, or so they say. That being the case, I’ve […]

The BIG Lie!

You’ve been fed a big lie. The lie goes thusly. You must study hard in school (creativity killer #1).  You must get good grades (creativity killer #2). You must listen […]

Productivity is NOT about getting more done!

Does anyone remember record players? I suppose that statement dates me.  But the one big flaw of record players is that when a scratch was present, they could get caught […]

Life is meaningless! You are nothing but space debris!!!

Over breakfast and interesting conversation evolved about the state of physics and what it tells us about the meaninglessness and purposelessness of our lives, both individually and collectively. I’ve been […]

Eight Years of Scorn and Mockery: Persistence and Genius

These two guys that you may have heard of suffered scorn and ridicule for over eight years. They persisted, and they changed the world!   If you want more help […]

Why I'm disillusioned with science

Science is a method.  It is a method of discovery. Nothing more, and nothing less. Yet, if you look at how it’s practiced and worshipped, you’d think it was a […]

cynicism and astronauts: death and rebirth of the dreamers

My friend Rob recently wrote on Facebook: I was seven when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. We were camping with family friends on a plot of land on the […]

What are you changing into? (and why this explains the horrible economy)

The title of the post alludes to an old cliché, “the only constant is change”.  Today I had a strong reminder of the importance of this saying – especially in […]