Working hard does NOT equal success

Yesterday I was on Facebook, and a very successful fellow entrepreneur posted something that shocked me. It was on a discussion of feelings of entitlement in society, and how many […]

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

Zombies, zombies, everywhere. If you look to Hollywood, the world is but about to become a big zombie-fest. Life imitates art, or so they say. That being the case, I’ve […]

Productivity is NOT about getting more done!

Does anyone remember record players? I suppose that statement dates me.  But the one big flaw of record players is that when a scratch was present, they could get caught […]

Why I'm disillusioned with science

Science is a method.  It is a method of discovery. Nothing more, and nothing less. Yet, if you look at how it’s practiced and worshipped, you’d think it was a […]

What are you changing into? (and why this explains the horrible economy)

The title of the post alludes to an old cliché, “the only constant is change”.  Today I had a strong reminder of the importance of this saying – especially in […]

Goal oriented or fun oriented?

Today, I had fun. For the past few years, whenever I’ve gone on a bike ride, I’ve been goal focused. Mountain biking: distance and elevation. Have I pushed myself hard […]

Would computers really want to do math proofs?

Roger Penrose wrote a book titled “The Emporor’s New Mind.” The book roused quite a bit of controversy, because he claimed that he had proof that computers can’t think in […]

Why I hate writing grants

No, it’s not the writing part that bugs me.  I actually like that part.  Being able to put together well-constructed plans and rationales is fun.  Describing a project-to-be is fun. […]