Accepting What You Deserve: YOU Deserve it ALL!!

Dear One, Deservingness. You’ve been told a lie and you’ve told a lie. The lie that you don’t deserve it. It doesn’t matter what “it” is. But you find yourself […]

Morgan's über-fantasy world (how about rewriting YOUR story?)

This is a blog post about my fantasy world.  Before you click away into the nether lands of cyberspace, let me tell you why this might be important to you. […]

Somewhere Near Lake Tahoe

Fear in the Gym, Fear in Life

Today in Lake Tahoe, I felt like a lazy ass because my relatives were up at 5:30 am, clanking around in their bike shoes in the early morning, getting ready […]

Got something to create? Watch out for toxic green slime.

This post isn’t for everyone. It’s not for people who want to live a life of consumption or complacency and be content with that. No, it’s not for those. If […]

Declaration of Boundary

DECLARATION of BOUNDARY. No more “FREE” ride.In the past two years:I helped one person get her email list going and get at least 20k worth of new clients, along with […]

Why Private School?

Sometimes people seem to wonder: if Morgan’s business is going so well, why doesn’t she drive a fancy car or wear fancy clothes?One big reason: 3 kids in private school Next […]

Parents Freak Out

Many parents freak out about taking kids for “dangerous” activities like whitewater, mountain biking, and climbing.So instead, they keep their kids inside, safely ensconced with butt planted on chair in […]

The Real Problem With The Economy

Over on Fearless Creators, there’s a new blog post: the Real Problem With The Economy. Here’s the link:

Want Happiness and Productivity? Get to that Core! (video)

  Isn’t it funny how the more we try to have control — swatting at negative emotions and demands like buzzing flies — the more frustrated we get and the […]

Creativity-sucking education stamping widgets of children* (video)

Why our educational system is stamping out “children as widgets” – a great video with Sir Ken Robinson Working with the world’s top scientists and entrepreneurs, I’ve seen a few […]