Life is meaningless! You are nothing but space debris!!!

Over breakfast and interesting conversation evolved about the state of physics and what it tells us about the meaninglessness and purposelessness of our lives, both individually and collectively. I’ve been […]

A Simple New Year's Resolution: Fun

There’s a funny thing about our brains (or, more aptly, our minds). It’s that we often get confused about the origin, the journey, and the destination. Just for example, let’s […]

Why I'm disillusioned with science

Science is a method.  It is a method of discovery. Nothing more, and nothing less. Yet, if you look at how it’s practiced and worshipped, you’d think it was a […]

re-imagining the American Dream

Today I ran into yet another person who’s dissatisfied with where she’s at in life. The disillusioned seem to make up about 80% or more of the people that I […]