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Create or Die

A Manifesto For Fearless
Creators Everywhere

This book reveals just why creativity is the backbone of happiness and success, regardless of your occupation. It discusses the many adversaries to creativity that we are surrounded by and shows how to overcome them to create a powerful life by your own design.

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BUSTED: Three Productivity Myths (video)

BUSTED: Three Productivity Myths 

It’s creative leaps and insights that create true success, not the number of hours at your desk. In fact, carving the powder on this untracked slope is a vital part of my success secret. If you want to achieve greatness (and sure you do, right?), it’s about creating those key creative and productive breakthroughs that will carve out your success.

  1. MYTH: the more you work, the more success you’ll have. BUSTED! Quantity of work is meaningless. Creative leaps and insights create your success.
  2. MYTH: productivity and success is all about being chained to your desk and computer. BUSTED! Your desk doesn’t have a magic power – you do. And that magic comes through when you’re away from your desk (in the shower, out for a walk, on a scenic drive, or skiing on a beautiful sunny day).
  3. MYTH: productivity is all about your intelligence and your skills. BUSTED! degrees, initials after your name, your training and even your IQ don’t determine success. Success it about having those creative insights and acting on those big, bold, creative ideas. Like Star Trek, to boldly go and do your thing with creativity and passion!

So…are you ready to bust out?

Fun Killers are Productivity Killers, Part I

Why do you want to be more “productive?” Why are there so many productivity books, products, courses, and gurus? If you examine this question, productivity isn’t quite what it seems. Lots of people (moi included) have fallen into the trap of seeking productivity for the sheer sake of “being more productive because that’s what we’re… read more →

Your Problem Is Not What You Think It Is

Let’s say that by some weird coincidence in life, you have a problem that you have to actually deal with and can't just sweep under the rug. (Hey, most of us never have problems, do we?) It could be that there’s not enough money flowing. It could be that you’re a researcher who is struggling with… read more →

When did the feminine become BAD and WRONG?

When did the feminine become BAD and WRONG?? Connection. Listening. Healing. Creativity. Intuition. Tuning into feelings. These are some of the strongest feminine traits - yet where are they taught in our schools or upbringings? They're NOT… they are instead swept under the rug - and for many people - once under the rug, run… read more →

How does an iPhone 6 get lost in the snow and returned to its owner?!

It's a good question. Because, when it was back in my hands two hours after being lost, several people remarked "that's LUCKY". I know others who've lost phones when out skiing, never to find them again. I ski mostly in the trees and powder, so with a phone flying out of my pocket sometime in… read more →

Is your life ruled by “Lizard Brain?”

Chances are, it is. If you have difficulty making tough decisions... If you have far too much on your plate and not enough time for it all... If you suffer from procrastination or perfectionism... If you like to wait until money is assured BEFORE you invest in yourself.... If you regularly listen to the news… read more →

1.2 Million Women-owned Businesses Likely To Fail This Year From Guilt and Overwhelm

Facebook Chief Operations Officer Sheryl Sandberg Says: 100% Of Women Caught in Guilt Chasm Between Business and Family. Women make up 60% of college graduates, but only 41% of the workforce. ( Women are dropping out… by the millions. Why? Guilt and Overwhelm. Am I Abandoning My Family? According to recent statistics, in a home… read more →


It's time I come clean, put my BS aside and take responsibility for my truest, most raw BEING. Why? To serve & honour myself…YES! And just as important, to lead by example. To inspire & facilitate your most extraordinary evolution through my deeds NOT JUST THROUGH MY WORDS. And to bestow on you, what you… read more →

What Lies in Stone….

When speaking of his historically famous Statue of David, Michelangelo said this, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." He made similar comments throughout his lifetime about his artistic abilities and how he did not carve stone to look like figures, he… read more →

Victimhood vs Vulnerability

Being authentic in vulnerability vs. the hidden agenda of victimhood.… read more →

The Sniffles or a Lesson?

Getting sick can teach us something? Heck yeah!… read more →

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