Fear in the Gym, Fear in Life

Somewhere Near Lake Tahoe

Today in Lake Tahoe, I felt like a lazy ass because my relatives were up at 5:30 am, clanking around in their bike shoes in the early morning, getting ready to head out to ride 70 miles around the lake, while I lay in the comfy bed…. Finally, the feeling that I needed to do something set in, and I roused myself at around 6:50. I donned my biking gear, filled the pack with cool water, and hopped on my bike ..read more

Got something to create? Watch out for toxic green slime.

Boots on Beach

This post isn’t for everyone. It’s not for people who want to live a life of consumption or complacency and be content with that.

No, it’s not for those. If you want to do that, I don’t have any words of assistance for you.

I do, however, have words for you if you know, deep in your heart, that you want to create something great, but you’ve been holding back all these years because of fear.

That “something great” can be of any type, ..read more

The feedback on Create or Die is in, and it’s badass


I sent out preliminary copies of the book Create or Die to some people, and the feedback I’ve had has been badass. Here’s some of it:

“Morgan! That was soooo good! And yes I read it ALL.I am a voracious reader. There are times I read 3 books a week.This is one of the best books I’ve read all year.I was inspired from the very first page of chapter 1.”

- Travis Sago, Entrepreneur

And this one:

“One of the most important and provocative ..read more

Declaration of Boundary


DECLARATION of BOUNDARY. No more “FREE” ride.In the past two years:I helped one person get her email list going and get at least 20k worth of new clients, along with building massive momentum forward in her business… for FREE. I helped another person clarify his business and immediately double his revenues… along with sorting out a lot of other issues holding him back from building a 500k/yr business… for FREE

I helped a third person work through personal issues and overcome multiple ..read more

Why Private School?

Sometimes people seem to wonder: if Morgan’s business is going so well, why doesn’t she drive a fancy car or wear fancy clothes?One big reason: 3 kids in private school Next question: why private school?While I’d love to believe in the idea of public education, it’s current incarnation is anti-creativity and anti-independent thinking.By necessity – large class sizes and small budgets – teachers end up giving lots of rote, follow the formula types of work. This teaches kids how to be ..read more

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