Are you off track on your productivity and the balance you could achieve?

It is possible to be a successful scientist and ALSO have a family or friends you spend time with and hobbies or activities you enjoy. In fact to be the MOST successful scientist, I argue that it is not only possible, it is essential.

Our relationship and ideas about work largely come from the Industrial Era of work. But we have moved beyond this era to the Knowledge area, and even past that to the Creative Era

To prosper in the creative era, you must redefine your relationship to work.

In this video excerpt from my Uber-Productivity mini course, I show you what I’ve learned about achieving productivity along with balance and creativity.

  • why the status quo of productivity leads NOT to more output, but instead to overwhelm, confusion, fear and even disease
  • why you must redefine your relationship to work, deciding what your work IS and IS NOT
  • why work is highly non-linear, and why time spent is NOT equal to productivity
  • why your pay and status is no longer tied to how MUCH you work, or even to how much you KNOW
  • how to utilize your power of clarity, inspiration, focus and passion to bring maximum contribution to the world and outshine your competitors
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