From scientists to engineers to artists, we are all inherently creative, but early on in life we learn to stifle our creativity in order to ‘fit in.’ This causes much of the malaise and disconnection impacting our lives and our world. This book is a manifesto for unleashing your creativity with fearlessness.

Dr. Morgan Giddings is a scientist, entrepreneur, creator, and explorer. For years she worked at the nexus of Computer Science and the Human Genome Project. While writing grant proposals with big successes for her own projects at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Boise State University, she began helping colleagues in their quest for funding. Seeking greater adventure and creative freedom, she left the university position to focus full-time on her work with clients around the world, including those at top universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, and UCSD. In 2012, her book Four Steps to Funding topped the bestseller list in its category.

Around that time, she started noticing that success with her clients and students was about far more than just whether they had learned the technical skills of grant writing. It was about their creative flow, i.e. whether they were able to apply the skills learned effectively and in the flow, or whether they’d get stuck in procrastination, overwhelm, and lack of clarity. The problem wasn’t lack of knowledge, but a lack of inspiration and creative fearlessness. She began integrating creativity exercises into her grant-writing work, and saw a major impact on the ability of her clients to get funding.

As her business grew she met many entrepreneurs, where she noticed something important: most entrepreneurs were struggling with exactly the same issues the faculty were. The ones who were successful had learned how to create fearlessly and abundantly in their business. The majority who constantly struggle were usually stuck in over-analysis, over-thinking, worry, doubt, and overwhelmed with the minor details of their business. She’s helped many entrepreneurs break the creative shackles and liberate themselves to do their very best work in the world – having more impact and financial success in the process.

She has created several courses including Think Creative! Be Productive, The Mind Foundry, and Core Integration – all aimed at eliminating the self-limiting programs nearly all of us have adopted. By getting us engaged with our creative core, her work focuses on unleashing the creative gifts inside each and every one of us, to help us create whatever it is we seek in life.

For fun, she explores whitewater rivers in her kayak, skis the back chutes at the local ski resort, and spends time with her family in the great outdoors. She is also an avid reader of self-development books, always seeking to find that extra edge to help herself and her clients.