Fact Blindness Syndrome: Why skeptics suffer just as much as the hard-core religious from it

Skeptics, you can go rot rot away in your own personal hell of self-created delusion thinking you have it all figured out when you’re no different than a religious fanatic […]

The Unexpected Lesson

This is a guest post by Allie Smith-Hobbs. I was recently copied on an email that said, “I hoped you learned something, even if it was not what you intended” […]

Travel Anxieties and… embracing the unknown!

When you travel, does it bring up anxiety for you? It does for me. And it’s always weird little stuff that gets me. For example: I just rode for about […]

Judging failure is futile self-judgement

This is part of a message from me to myself after I judged something I was doing as a “failure.” Maybe you will find it useful. You never know the […]

Questions from a Recent Joint Webinar

Sometimes I bring guests on-board to provide trainings and other resources – and sometimes that brings up questions. In this short video, I answer a few of the common questions […]

BUSTED: Three Productivity Myths (video)

BUSTED: Three Productivity Myths  It’s creative leaps and insights that create true success, not the number of hours at your desk. In fact, carving the powder on this untracked slope is […]

Parents Freak Out

Many parents freak out about taking kids for “dangerous” activities like whitewater, mountain biking, and climbing.So instead, they keep their kids inside, safely ensconced with butt planted on chair in […]

Super-sizing your work is screwed up

Perhaps the most stark contrast between Europe and the US is the issue of quality vs quantity. I recently returned from a 2 week sojurn in Europe, and was shocked […]